Breath as Life - Global Mala Vinyasa for All

Fall Equinox - Global Meditations – Moving Prayers for Peace
Tues Sept 22nd – Sun Sept 27th (Fall Equinox-Full Moon)

Movement Meditation for Inner Peace
Daily Practice 18 rounds of Yoga Mala Prostrations for all levels and Meditaiton
* Live Meditation from 6:30-7:00 a.m. pst
* Free or buy a solar lantern to enter a raffle for Daily Giveaways
Day One: Moving Prayers for Self-healing
Day Two: Moving Prayers for Family, Friends and precious jewels “enemies”
Day Three: Moving Prayers for the World
Day Four: Moving Prayers for elements, earth’s creature
Day Five: Moving Prayers for the Source

Day Six: Moving Prayer – One Breath


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